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One school, one vision, together we are on a mission.

Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School “Albuquerque Collegiate” believes that all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, home language, socio-economic status, or family’s education level, can and will achieve academic excellence, provided that they have access to an excellent public education that sets the bar high academically and behaviorally, ensures that all students have the supports they need to reach that bar, and provided that the school staff has all of the supports we need to execute on our ambitious mission.

Albuquerque Collegiate will provide an excellent public school option through a structured and ambitious school community, driven by high-quality instruction and intensive academic supports for every student. Setting the path for college graduation starting on the first day of a child’s formal schooling begins with the establishment of strong, foundational instruction, with a prioritized and expanded focus on literacy and mathematics starting in kindergarten and continuing everyday thereafter throughout a student’s academic career. The central elements of our school mission will drive our staff, families, and students to build a culture of achievement and game-changing results for the students of Albuquerque.


  • A structured and ambitious school community provides a safe, predictable, and achievement-oriented school environment, in which students can learn at the highest levels.
  • High-quality instruction is guided by mission-driven, team-oriented educators relentlessly focused on the measurable success of every student.
  • Intensive academic support for every scholar is essential to individual student success, as well as school-wide academic achievement.


One School, One Vision, Together we are on a Mission