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Governing Board

Chair: Tomas Garcia |Associate Attorney, Modrall Sperling

Vice Chair: Rosa Pynes | Site Operations Manager, New Classrooms

Secretary: Cynthia Al-Aghbary |Manager of Population Health, Presbyterian Health Plan

Treasurer: Jesus Ontiveros, Senior Manager of Division Business Operations, Sandia National Labs

Member: Scott Hughes |Associate Research Professor, University of New Mexico- Center for Education Policy Research

MemberJeff Kiely | Kiely Consulting & Facilitation, Co-Principal

Member:  Brandon Meyers |Associate Lawyer, McCoy Leavitt Laskey LLC

Member: Andrea Romero | Associate Broker/Realtor | Southwest Elite Real Estate

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July 2021: 7/17/21 Agenda Minutes
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September 2021: 9/14/21 Agenda Minutes
October 2021: 10/18/21 Agenda
November 2021: 11/22/21 Notice of Meeting

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