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2020-2021 School Year Information

Update: As of March 1, 2021 all grades are back in hybrid instruction. 

Following the Labor Day holiday, Albuquerque Collegiate will begin offering a hybrid learning option (2 days of in-person instruction & 3 days of online instruction), in a phased approach. Families can also opt to stay fully online. Grade levels can return via the hybrid option based on the following schedule: 
Kindergarten- Hybrid option begins September 8, 2020
3rd Grade- Hybrid option begins September 28, 2020
1st & 2nd Grades- Hybrid option begins October 12, 2020

Please feel free to the contact the school with questions about the hybrid and virtual learning options. 

2020-2021 Calendar Dates

Hybrid Instruction will include 2 days of in person learning (Mondays/Tuesdays OR Thursdays/Fridays) and 3 days of online learning. 
Important Hybrid Information 

Online Instruction will include a blend of 3 daily live whole-class lessons focused on core subjects, a daily small-group instruction lesson, an individual teacher check-in (20 minutes session), as well as weekly assignments and independent work that can be accessed on the Seesaw platform. 


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